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10 Questions To Ask The Your Real Estate Videographer

The development of the technology and the easier access to the internet has increased advertising possibilities greatly. This has benefited all types of industries in the world. In fact, this development has interconnected the oddest industries together perfectly. Property selling and videographing is two such that has benefitted each other immensely. If you were looking forwards to sell your beautiful piece of property, this might be the only thing that you need. But for that, you need an experienced professional on board.

Here are 10 questions that you should ask before hiring one.

  • “For how long have you been in the field?”
    Experience matters when it comes to real estate videography Sydney. How is it so? When you have out yourself behind a video camera for a long time, you simply know the angles the moment you enter the premises. On the other hand, it is a great and essential quality of a great videographer to manipulate light. It could be natural or artificial, as long as it is well managed, the final outcome would be truly elegant.
    • “What is your definition of ‘video’?”
      The last thing you want to experience is being fooled by wordplays. There are two kinds of videos; the first kind deals with actually videographed footage that is post produced, color corrected and undergone such video production services before the final movie. The second kind deals with photographs being interconnected in a slideshow. Hence, when you think that a certain videographing service is quite cheap, it won’t be so beneficial.
      • “What are the areas that you will shoot?”
        It is essential that you let your potential buyers to have a great idea on each and every square inch of the property. But should you show each and every area for a same amount of times? That is not ideal. Hence, remember to question on where they will be shooting and the time duration that is allocated for each area.
        • “Who will be shooting?”
          Let us assume that one of your friends suggested of an amazing videographing place and you try it. One specific professional who seems to be quite passionate on the project will be the sole reason why you hire the firm. But on the day of the shoot, an entirely new person could show up. In order to avoid unwanted surprises like these, remember to question it from them.
          • “What is the payment plan?”
            There are some companies that accepts the final payment as full and there are some that expects you to pay along the timeline. Both of the ways are fine, but in order for you to be prepare to make the payments, it is better of you were priory informed on it.

Apart from these 5 there are many more questions that could even lift the fog and give you the best image of the professional. Here are 5 more!

  • “What is your policy on cancelling?”
  • “What sort of equipment will you be using?”
  • “Could you show us a few of your previous projects?”
  • “How soon can you deliver the final video to us?”
  • “Are there other services that can be useful to us?”

As long as you ask these 10 questions and get positive answers, there is no doubt that they fit the best for the job.

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