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Childhood Memories Through Children’s Photography

Childhood Memories Through Children’s Photography

Life is so interesting but so very short. How to capture those moments that are landmarks and outstanding for various reasons? The camera can capture them all. Photography is one technique which keeps memories alive forever.

Newborn photography Perth is a career for those patient types who enjoy the company of new-borns and infants. It is one of the numerous niches of photography that has a very rewarding outcome. One can work on a commission basis for hospitals, studios and companies that specialize in baby products and accessories. A new-born photographer may be engaged by families for special occasions and gatherings. The advantage of being a freelance photographer is that the services are more flexible but it may require longer working hours and infrastructural costs like having one’s own studio. This area requires proper technical skills, related to creativity, composition, lighting and digital software knowledge as well as the skill of handling children. A strong interest in photography with early exposure to this area may often suffice to have a lucrative enterprise. On the job training can be acquired to improve professional efficiency. Important personal factors are an ability to work patiently with babies and parents, flexibility and a sensitive approach as infants and babies are very sensitive to the moods of those around. This career may involve frequent adjustments of time schedule, work sites and other details to adjust to the unique routines of infants and babies. The baby photographer must be modern and fresh, bright and colorful with a contemporary quality. The person must have a sense of fun, be sensitive, warm to prepare the baby for a delightful photo session. This kind of photography can be made a personalized experience by encouraging parents to contribute their own ideas and props for the photo session.

Child bearing is an amazingly incomparable experience which many want to treasure. Maternity photography is fast catching up as an aesthetic experience where the camera focuses on the baby bump. Every time the mother looks at those photographs they remind her of those months of eager waiting till the bundle of joy arrived. A maternity photographer may encourage the partner also to join the photo session for a special touch. This is best done during the 32 – 38 weeks of pregnancy and in case of twins a little earlier. Each session may last for an hour and the client must be made comfortable and relaxed to avoid any strain. It is not only a technique but also a work of art.

Children cannot sit still for long and children’s photography can be a tricky business. The expertise lies in clicking moments which are natural and the children are their best bubbly selves. Children’s photographer must catch and freeze those giggles, pokes and jabs, grins and grimaces that make each photograph a priceless treasure. Children can be photographed in various settings, natural and formal. Outdoor sessions bring out the best moments whether at the school, beaches, parks or even city streets. There are some simple tips that should be kept in mind while photographing children. The photographer must be prepared and also prepare the children and the family for the session. Children become relaxed and friendly if the photographer himself smiles cheerfully. If the camera and other equipment are displayed it helps the children to forget their fear and nervousness. The setting must be chosen carefully and often the home is the best environment for a peaceful session. Restless and naughty children should be photographed as naturally as possible. Clothes and props should be selected and changed often as such breaks relieve the strain. The photographer must check if the camera, lens, lights and batteries are of the right kind. Natural light is the best but if not enough then studio lights, flash guns should be used. Children can be very unpredictable and the photographer must be alert to catch the right moment. Often posed and formal shots add to the variety of photographs, and finally the camera should focus on the eyes of the children to catch all those wonderfully innocent expressions which highlight children’s photographs. A note of caution for all children’s photographers is that bad photographs, even if they are appealing, but appear blurred, must never be given out. They are indicators of the photographer’s merit. So happy shooting!

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