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Precious Memories: 3 Ways To Track Your Child’s Growth Over The Years

Precious Memories: 3 Ways To Track Your Child’s Growth Over The Years

Photos from your wedding will be also featured on this day. Even shoots from your maternity, engagement (or pre-nup photos) and baby photos of your children could be looked back during your anniversary. So make sure you captured those precious moments well!Kids grow up very fast. One moment you’re carrying them in your arms, and the next thing you know, they are ready to get out of the door and attend school. They don’t remain small forever. They grow, learn and eventually become independent. As parents, it is our pride to know that our child has grown into a responsible and independent adult. Yet in moments of melancholy, we can’t help but wish that they should just remain babies forever. But that’s life. All of us – especially the kids, have to grow, move on and explore. What could be left behind though, are the precious moments and memories. This is why you should take a lot of pictures while your child is still a baby. Don’t mind naysayers that tell you that you post too much photos on Facebook. Get a awesome baby photographer and let him/her take snapshots of your newborn. But if you really don’t want to annoy your friends, you can track your child’s growth by using the following methods:

  • Create a private social media account.
    If you want an easy way to document your child’s growth without annoying your friends online, you can opt to create a social media account that will contain all his/her photos exclusively. Just keep the account private, but don’t forget to update it regularly with new photos. Make sure you keep the log-in credentials with you, so that when your kid is of age, he/she can open up and view the photos using the password and username.
  • Go traditional with photo albums and frames.
    Nothing beats good old photographs, albums and frames. Take pictures of your child when he/she was a newborn, up to when he/she is 1 years old. Then you can take a professional photo of him/her once every year just to see and look back how much they’ve grown.
  • Make a scrapbook!
    Creating a scrapbook that documents the growth of your child is a fun and creative way to show his/her growth throughout the years. If you had Beach maternity photography Perth when you were pregnant with your child, those can be included here, along with other photos when he/she was a newborn, infant, toddler and a kid.The great thing about scrapbooking is that, you can also put in personal messages and other keepsakes in the scrapbook. That could include some of his/her hair (that were gotten from his/her first haircut), details of his birth (like the exact time, hospital, and attendants at birth), christening photos, and messages from godmother/godfather and from other family members.

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